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Inspire Project

The County Durham Inspire Project helps primary schools to support young people’s emotional well-being and the development of a rounded young person, using sport, physical activity and athlete role models as the tool.

Inspire is comprised of four modules (Dreams, Goals & Ambitions, Stepping out of the ‘Comfortable Zone’, Mindfulness, Your Body & Your Emotions and Role Models) which use fun and engaging workshops designed to build resilience in primary age children, help to focus their attention, encourage the pursuit of dreams and goals in the face of adversity and equip children with the appropriate support and guidance to allow them to make informed and effective decisions about their futures.

Schools are given both ownership and flexibility of the project as any of the resources can be tailored to the specific needs of the pupils, and teaching staff are free to decide which topics would be most beneficial to their pupils. The athlete mentor works with the school to plan the programme, and will attend a staff meeting to share the goals and outcomes.

For further information please contact us on hello@countydurhamsport.com or watch the video below to find out how Inspire has had an impact: