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Active Lives: Children and Young People

Active Lives: Children and Young People Survey

Active Lives – Children and Young People will provide a world-leading approach to gathering data on how children engage with sport and physical activity.

Designed by Sport England, the Department for Education (DfE), the Department for Health (DfH), and the Department for Digital Culture Media and Sport (DCMS), its purpose is to gain a detailed insight into the current physical activity habits of the nation’s children and young people (aged 5 to 16).

For more information specifically around the background of the survey please see Sport England’s website: www.sportengland.org/research/active-lives-children-and-young-people

School children across England will be asked to take part in this new survey, which sits at the heart of Sport England’s vision that everyone in England, regardless of their age, background and level of ability, should feel able to take part in sport and activity.

How does the survey work?

Schools are randomly selected by Ipsos MORI and we will contact these schools to request participation.

One class in up to three different year groups will be asked to fill out the questionnaires.

While not all schools will be asked to take part in the survey this academic year, we estimate that schools will be asked to take part every three or four years.

The survey is designed to be as easy for schools to administer as possible and can be completed at any point in the relevant term, depending on what works best for the school involved.

We will provide schools with everything they need, including templates for letters to parents, information sheets for teachers and pupils, and technical guidance.

What does the questionnaire involve?

The questionnaires have been designed to be simple and enjoyable for pupils to complete and are tailored to the different age groups.

They can be completed on desktop computers, laptops or tablets and take around 10 minutes to fill in. We will also ask one teacher from each school to complete a 10-minute survey to give some broader context to the pupils responses.

Each school that takes part will be given a bespoke report summarising their own results from the survey.

For the youngest pupils in Years 1 and 2, we are also asking parents to fill out a questionnaire to give further information about their child’s physical activity behaviours. Some schools may, therefore, be asked to let parents know about this.

What are the benefits to schools?

Each school that takes part will be given a bespoke report summarising their own results from the survey (if at least 30 pupils complete the questionnaire). This report will cover measures of children’s activity levels, physical literacy, swimming proficiency, wellbeing, self-efficacy and levels of social trust.

The reports will give staff evidence and insight into how their school is performing in terms of engaging its pupils in sport and physical activity. These will not be published or used to compare schools, but are purely designed for the benefit of the individual school.

In addition, each participating school will receive equipment vouchers to thank them for their involvement in the study.

Schools will also receive a Healthy Schools rating.


For more information please contact: hello@countydurhamsport.com

Further resources can be seen at: www.sportengland.org


“We want to encourage all pupils, regardless of their background, to develop healthy and active lifestyles. The Active Lives: Children and Young People survey offers a fantastic opportunity for schools to better understand how their pupils enjoy sport or physical activity. Teachers and school leaders will also be able to see how their provision benefits young people and develop it further so more pupils have the opportunity to be physically active and enjoy sport.”

Department for Education