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Active 30 School: Moorside Primary School

Case study

Carousel of Activities

The project:

Moorside Primary School implemented a carousel of activities in September from 8.45am to 9.15am. Children enter school at 8.45am and go straight onto the yard to participate in their physical activity. There are five stations set up with different activities at each station. Children are directed to one of the stations to start on and then move around as according when the whistle is blown. Children access each station for 6 minutes before moving on, this is timed by an adult and they blow the whistle to indicate it is time to move around. There are four staff on duty each morning, but this could be adapted to suit different schools. We have also trained up 20 children as “young leaders” so that they can support other children in participating and engaging with the physical activities. Younger leaders have the responsibility off setting up and clearing away the five stations once we have finished. Staff join in with a station and move round the carousel to ensure children are continuing to participate and encourage them to do their best. The children are spit into house teams when completing active 30 and we use team points as an encouragement for participation. There are 25 team points “up for grabs” each day, these are sometime given to one house or maybe split up amongst individuals. 

The outcome:

All children in school are physically active for 30 minutes at the beginning of the day. Young leaders are being given responsibilities and encouraged to develop a positive attitude toward physical activity. 

The cost/resources needed:

Most of the physical activity planned does not involve too much equipment or setting up due to time. We wanted activities that children could access as soon as they came into school and that were easy enough for our young leaders to set up. We have paid for a “Young Leaders” training session which was £250 but all other equipment is equipment that we already have in school.


Ensure children are engaged and enthusiastic about the physical activity – do they have a stimulus? We are currently adapting our timetable of stations in light of children’s suggestions to try and ensure there is maximum enthusiasm and participation levels during the 30 minutes.