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Active 30 School: Acre Rigg Academy

Case study

Skipping Project

The project:

Chris Corcoran (Skipping School) came to Acre Rigg Academy to work with 12 children for 1 hour, teaching them a variety of skills and games. He gave all children a plastic skipping rope to practice with and the member of staff was given a long rope to help with the games. We all went away totally enthused. On returning to school, armed with their packs and huge enthusiasm, the lunchtime assistants asked for more skipping ropes. An existing box of skipping ropes was split, between the two yards, along with our 12 skipping mentors to support and assist. To enhance the project further a ‘Whole School Skipping Day’ took place in March with Gail from Skipping School.  Each class got 30 minutes with some of the older classes receiving slightly longer. The children were outstanding in their skill level, fitness, stamina and enthusiasm.

The outcome:

Improved physical engagement of children less active. Improved physical engagement because of the fun aspect and often the use of the long rope games as a starter. Many children are now great skippers in a short period of time.

The cost/resources needed:

CPD  was delivered to lunchtime staff both from school and from across the School Sports Partnership. 

1 hour with the children (Free)
CPD  part of the service level agreement with the School Sports Partnership (Free)
Skipping day (£250)
Three boxes of ropes; 1 box for Year 3/4 including the long ropes, 1 box  for Year 5/6 including the long ropes, 1 mixed box for P.E.(£450)

Total £700


Get an expert in! A different person can suddenly sprinkle the magic. Invest in CPD for non-teaching staff and ensure you buy enough good equipment!