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Active at Home

Schools and parents / carers have a role to play in supporting children to move more throughout each day. The UK Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines provide recommendations on the frequency, intensity, duration and types of physical activity at different life stages, from early to later years. Benefits are accrued over time, but it is never too late to gain health benefits from taking up any amount of physical activity.

There is strong evidence that regular physical activity has numerous health benefits for children and young people.

Benefits of physical activity include; strong bones and muscles, healthy heart, lungs and arteries, improved coordination, balance, posture and flexibility, as well as a reduced risk of becoming overweight or obese. Physical activity not only supports the physical health of a child, but it also promotes social and psychological wellness as well as cognitive function. Evidence also suggests it can boost cognitive function and engagement in academic learning!

Being more physically active is good for a child’s health, NOW and in the FUTURE!

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