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Getting Young People Active During Covid– 25th Feb


This live 2-hour webinar aims to look at how we keep young people active during the Covid-19 lockdown period. The session explores current trends from StreetGames research of how young people are preferring to stay active and how their motivations to be active have dramatically changed over this period. We will share practical ideas of how to keep young people active both using online and offline methods and share activity ideas that can be delivered safely within current social distancing guidelines


Developing a Marketing Strategy – 10th March


There are now more ways of marketing your club/organisation than ever before. This workshop will guide you through the marketing minefield and help you attract new members or participants or enhance your profile.


Engaging your community – 17th March


Understanding and engaging with your community is a vital part of club sustainability. This workshop will guide you to understand who your local community are and how you can effectively engage with them to maximise the benefit for both the club and the community.


Mental Health Conversations during covid  – 25th March


This live 1.5-hour Mental Health webinar aims to give an overview of how the current pandemic is impacting on young people’s mental health and wellbeing. We will give top tips and ways in which to start a conversation about mental health with a young person, if you feel you need to, and show some practical examples of how you might respond to common challenges of the moment. We will also look at what you might be able to keep an eye out for, even remotely, if a young person is struggling with their mental health and provide you with some safe and reliable places that you can signpost them too if you or they feel that further support or advice is needed.


Understanding Young People from low socio economic groups – 28th April


This workshop will bring to life research to help learners to gain a better understanding of some of the issues that influence young people’s lives, and how this can have an impact on their sports participation levels. This interactive workshop will draw upon experiences in the room, challenging learners to think about the young people they work with and the wider issues that they face on a day to day basis.


Developing Resiliently Active Young People – 26th May


The workshop will outline the role of resilience in encouraging lifelong participation in sport and physical activity. The workshop will provide insight into the theory of resilience and how coaches / session leaders can play a role in developing it within the young people they work with. Building resilience can help to increase retention in Doorstep Sport sessions and also support young people to transition into new activities and new settings.


Managing Challenging Behaviour – 30th June


This 2.5 hour workshop explores how Doorstep Sport can be used as an engagement tool to address social exclusion, anti-social behaviour and community tension and build stronger communities. Participants learn the characteristics of ‘hard to reach’ young people and how to effectively engage with them. They are shown how to recognise the causes and triggers of anti-social behaviour and they explore the development of tools and skills that enable young people to take ownership of their issues and effectively manage challenging behaviour


5 Ways to Well-being – 28th July


This live 1.5-hour webinar is a great opportunity for you to spend a bit of time thinking about your wellbeing and the wellbeing of young people you work with during these very challenging times. The session will be based on the 5-ways to wellbeing and how we can make small changes in our lifestyles to look after ourselves and each other. Come prepared to get involved in some fun, light-hearted activities that may be useful to use try out with other colleagues, youth groups and partners you are working with.