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Online Resources

Have you found yourself working from home and want to continue learning? Well here at County Durham Sport we want to support the workforce and help facilitate learning in these trying times.


Free Online Resources

Youth Physical Development model – animation exploring Youth Physical Development model

UK Coaching and Sport Scotland animation bringing to life the evidence based ‘Youth Physical Development Model’, and what it means for the development of ‘Fundamental Movement Skills’



Coaching People with Autism

Tips for including people with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) in your sessions.



Coaching Disabled People

Tips for including people with disabilities in your sessions.



How to Attract New Female Participants

Advice on attracting females to your coaching sessions.



Understanding Women’s lives – engaging women in sport

Report looking at women’s lives in modern Britain and what’s important to them, women’s perceptions of sport versus fitness and how we need to re position sport to appeal to women and how to tap into women’s values in order to activate behaviour change towards increased levels of physical activity.



Puberty & Sport: An Invisible Stage

A report looking at the impact that puberty can have on girls’ engagement in physical activity.



Girls’ Participation in Sport: When Does the Drop-off Begin?

Advice from Lizzy Yarnold on preventing female drop-off.



Engaging Girls in Sport / PE

Changing the Game for Girls: In Action set out to better understand the low levels of physical activity among young girls in the UK, and to uncover new ideas to help more girls get, and stay, active.



Helping More Women get Active

Practical steps coaches can use to help women overcome their fears and apprehensions about participating in sport



Coaching Women Through Pregnancy (infographic)

Developed in Partnership with Public Health England this first pregnancy infographic explains the benefits of being active throughout pregnancy and what counts as being active



Menopause, Me and Physical Activity

Report looking at the relationship women going through menopause have with sport and physical activity.



Engaging Women in Sport in Later Life

A report looking at women’s relationship with sport and physical activity in later life.



Keeping Women Active in Winter

Participation in sport and physical activity declines in the colder, darker autumn and winter months. This report outlines the barriers to women taking part in sport in the winter and how to tackle autumn/winter drop-out rates.




Paid Courses (funding available through County Durham Sport)

Keeping Deaf and Disabled Children Safe in Sport 

Developed by: Child Protection in Sport Unit and UK Coaching

Cost: £13.99

Format: Online course (45 minutes)

A convenient way for you to learn how you can make sport inclusive for children with a condition or impairment – at a time to suit you.


Coaching People with a Visual Impairment 

Developed by: UK Coaching and British Blind Sport

Cost: £8.99

Format: Online course (2 hours)

Packed full of helpful tips, practical solutions and vibrant videos, the 6 modules will increase your knowledge, assurance and skills to be able to coach people with a visual impairment.


 How to Coach: Plan, Do, Review

Developed by: UK Coaching

Cost: £6.99

Format: Online course (40 minutes)

The ‘How to Coach: Plan, Do, Review’ eLearning module helps you understand the principles behind well organised coaching sessions.


Full funding is available from County Durham Sport – email hello@countydurhamsport.com to find out how.