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Active 30 Resource Proforma

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24th September 2021

Organisation name
Contact name
Contact email
Resource name
Please specify the area in which this resource should sit
Which category does this align to?You can select more than one option.
Please give a brief overview of the resourceA maximum of two sentences
Please tell us the impact of your resource on children and young peopleConsider the physical activity impact as well as overall wellbeing
How will your resource or programme improve active learning?
Please upload your resource weblink
Or, upload your resource file
Has this been delivered before?
Do you have any evidence of success such as case studies or testimonials?
Is there a start and finish date or is this something that will be ongoing?
Is this available countrywide? (If not, please provide details of where)
Is the resource free or does it have a cost?
How much is it?

Posted on 24th August 2020