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Children & Young People

Children & Young People and Physical Activity Levels

Physical Activity in Early Years

Funded by the British Heart Foundation, this evidence briefing focuses on under 5’s physical activity levels, the potential factors affecting these and tackling sedentary behaviour.

Key findings: children under 5 who can walk should be physically active for 180 minutes per day. Only 9% of children aged 2-4 years in England meet this recommendation.

The document – Physical Activity in Early Years


Student Voice Survey 2015 (Secondary Schools in County Durham)

The Student Voice survey provides an opportunity to seek the views of secondary school students in County Durham on a range of key issues relating to; education, teaching, personal development, health and wellbeing etc.

Key findings: 38.1% of students responded that they do not take part in sport or physical activity other than PE. This was as high as 82.5% in the lowest performing school.

The document: Student Voice Survey for Secondary Schools 2015


Under the Skin

Under the Skin provides recognition that not all young people are the same and their motivations to participate in sport and activity differ. Dividing young people into 6 personality types allows coaches / deliverers to adjust their engagement techniques.

The document: Under the Skin

Find out more: What Motivates Young People to be Active?


What Works in Schools and Colleges to Increase Physical Activity?

This briefing is targeted at head teachers, college principals, staff working in education, directors of public health and wider partners and focuses on the association between being physically active and academic attainment and attention. Providing an overview from evidence around what works in schools and colleges to increase levels of physical activity levels among children and young people.

The document: What Works in Schools and Colleges to Increase Physical Activity?


Young People and Life Transitions

This document focuses on 3 major transition stages for young people: the move from Primary to Secondary School, Secondary School to Sixth Form / College and from Sixth Form / College to University and the disruption that these changes can cause to being physically active.

The document: Young People and Life Transitions – Summary


Youth Insight Pack: The Challenge of Growing Youth Participation in Sport

Produced by Sport England, the document looks at the challenges of growing youth participation by focusing specifically on understanding and engaging young people.

The document: Youth Insight Pack: The Challenge of Growing Youth Participation in Sport