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This Girl Can

Whether it is hula hooping in the kitchen, playing in the park or dancing with your friends, if it works for you, then it’s working!

Research suggests that lack of time, fear of being judged and poor confidence are the main reasons many women are put off exercise, with TV and media being criticised for portraying exercise as only being for women who can afford gym membership or fancy workout gear.

The motivational #ThisGirlCan #FitGotReal campaign celebrates real women who fit exercise into their busy lives, however they manage to do it!

As well as helping women stay a healthy weight, exercise also helps to maintain mental health by releasing feel-good hormones and relieving symptoms of depression, helps to build muscle and bone strength, improves sleep and reduces the risk of illness, – including cancer!

It doesn’t matter how or where you get active, it all counts!

There are some incredible women in our county doing amazing things! View some of their stories below.

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