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Active Shildon

We’re Active Shildon, and we want to get people moving!

Whether it’s swapping the car for your trainers and walking the school run, digging your old bike out for a weekend ride, or taking up a new sport at the local leisure centre – small changes can often make the biggest difference to your health and wellbeing. We understand there are barriers, be it lack of free time or expense, but we hope that by showing all the fun, family-friendly opportunities available in our town we can help you get active.

So, grab your friends, your family, even your next-door neighbour, and let’s get going together. Shildon CAN move!


About Active Shildon

Active Shildon is a new and exciting Sport England funded initiative to build healthier, more active communities in Shildon. The initiative brings together a group of organisations who are working together to achieve one goal, improve physical activity in the area.  We aim to do this by helping those who struggle to be physically active in their everyday lives by making it easier for people in the community to access sport and physical activity.

Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle, benefiting both the physical and mental wellbeing of an individual along with creating a better connected, more resilient community. Not only does regular exercise help with the management of weight and reducing the risk of developing diseases, it can prevent and treat mental health problems – helping you to sleep better and feel better!

How can I get involved?

There are many opportunities to be active within Shildon, through community halls, the leisure centre and the athletics track and stadium.

Did you know

Hackworth Park was voted one of the best parks in the North East, hosting a Park Run every Saturday morning (pre-COVID) and now features new Parkletics equipment.

As a result of its railway heritage, Shildon Town has many off-road walk and cycleways. Shildon was part of the world’s first passenger railway and is host to ‘Locomotion: The National Railway Museum at Shildon’.

Shildon also has a wide a range of sports clubs, for both adults and children e.g. athletics, football, cricket, boxing and roller skating. 

Due to the Government guidelines regarding COVID 19 some activities may have changed or not currently be available.  Please check with the provider or facility before attending.

Check out the wonderful Tracey talking about the new Parketics equipment in Hackworth Park.

Parkletics has come to Hackworth Park in Shildon!

Parkletics is a FREE fitness and wellbeing movement making exercise accessible to everyone. It combines the new natural outdoor gym equipment at Hackworth Park with a Parkletics app. 

The app enhances your workout experience, giving you goals based on your fitness and confidence levels and motivates you to get moving and feel better!