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Spectrum RSC Great Yarmouth Competition

21 November 2017

Spectrum RSC Great Yarmouth Competition

Spectrum Roller Skating Club travelled to Great Yarmouth to take part in the Retroskate artistic roller skating competition.  The team of 14 skaters plus supporters endured in total over 12 hours of travel to represent the North East at the national event.

"We are very proud to return with 2 golds, 2 silvers and 1 bronze medal!"

The seaside town provided a fun environment for the children and families to mix with other skating friends from around the country.  The skaters enjoyed swimming, eating and socialising together as well as competing.

Four beginners joined the team for their very first skating competition: Sophie Nelson, Katie Holliday, Kam Comerford and Iris Comerford and skated very well in their basic skills events.

This was the last competition of the year for the spectrum squad and the latest achievements make the medal tally a grand 29 medals at away competitions this year!

"We are so proud of everything that the club has achieved.  We feel sport is making a huge difference to the skaters lives and we are so thankful to everyone that has supported us this year." coach Tracy Stevens 


Kam Comerford solo 6th, duo 8th

Iris Comerford solo 12th, duo 8th

Sophie Nelson solo 12th, duo 9th

Katie Holliday duo 9th

Jazzmyn Loring figures 5th, free 4th, novelty 7th

Harrison Austin figures 10th, free 9th, novelty 1st

Niamh Dawson figures 6th, free 6th, freedance 1st

Lucy Richardson figures 13th, free 4th, freedance 6th

Aysha Toms figures 4th, free 9th, freedance 8th

Joseph Kearney figures 9th, free 8th, freedance 12th

Nicola Stevens figures 5th, free 9th, freedance 11th

Leah Jeans figures 2nd, free 3rd, freedance 7th

Andrea Vasey figures 2nd, duo 5th

Karen Austin figures 7th, duo 5th

If you'd like to try roller skating contact Spectrum RSC via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or call 07891 461 958 for more details.