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Satellite Clubs

What is a satellite club?

Satellite clubs are extensions of Community clubs or hub clubs. It involves an additional club session being delivered on a secondary school site or in a community venue that is not the community clubs main place of delivery.

They are designed to introduce young people aged 14-25 to your sport or activity in a venue they are comfortable with. They may already attend the school or visit the local community centre, so they are familiar with the venue. By doing this, you are removing one of the barriers to participation for young people and that is the fear of going into a new environment.

Over time as the young people get more confident, they may decide to join the main club and attend different sessions, but they always have the opportunity to take part at the satellite venue if they want to.

Who is involved?

The satellite club is generally delivered by coaches or instructors from a local club. However a charity, foundation or community group could also do the delivery.

The school or community centre will provide the venue for the satellite club.

Why would a club or provider get involved?

Delivering a satellite club is a great way for a club to recruit new participants and volunteers as well as making themselves known in the local community. 14-25yr olds can be an age where young people drop out of club sport because of other commitments. A satellite club can help keep young people in sport by delivering in a venue they feel comfortable in and want to attend.

Please CLICK HERE to view the Sport England Satellite Clubs Guide

Some clubs also struggle to access their own facilities due to high membership, a satellite club provides you with a new venue to ease this problem.

Why would a school or community venue get involved?

A satellite club is a great way to add variety to your current activity timetable for the young people who access your facility and create links with the local community.

The participants can improve their health, their success in PE and provides opportunities to volunteer and coach in the community.

Is there any funding available to help develop a satellite club?

Satellite clubs is not a short term programme. Once a satellite club is developed it should continue indefinitely as long as the interest is there. Through funding from Sport England, any new satellite club can receive funding to support the set up and delivery of the club for one year. After this satellite clubs should be in a position to sustain themselves.

How do you set up a satellite club?

If you are a school, club or community venue and are interested in setting up a satellite club, please contact or 07860 504 060